About IHF

IHF Wellness Orbitarium is a private limited company registered under Companies act- 1956 .The registration no is- 230073. IHF Wellness Orbitarium is nonprofit company. It has been established to promote overall well being through its four main dimensions: IHF Wellness Club, IHF Wellness Hub, IHF Wellness Education and Training and IHF Wellness Products. It is the first organized wellness company of India.. It is the offshoot of IHF [Integrated Healing Forum, Nagpur], a registered society which has been working in the field of holistic model of health by promoting drugless therapies. IHF has the team of prominent physicians, therapists, educationists, psychologists, entrepreneurs, management professionals, bureaucrats, journalists and theatre personalities.IHF Wellness Orbitarium is collaborating with Time4Society, Norway and ACPI, Australia to reach the desired goal to spread the message of health ,happiness and harmony across the globe.


  1. Promotion of wellness through clubs, education and training programs.
  2. Educating students, parents, youth, housewives and professionals of different walk of life about importance of wellness for leading a healthy life.  
  3. Promoting awareness about various psychological, emotional and physical problems/ disorders and to provide effective counseling to adopt appropriate therapies to overcome the problems.
  4. Organizing educational talks, seminars, conferences and wellness festivals independently and also in collaboration with individuals or likeminded organizations.
  5. Producing energy based items testified by aura scanners to enhance energy of the individual mind, house and work place.