IHF Orbitarium School of Performance

Prelude: There are a small percentage of students in each school who are non performers in the academic subjects due to certain valid reasons .They score less marks or the lowest grades in scholastic subjects and are often tagged as Stupid, Idiots, or gone cases. They are considered beyond repair in the school and a constant headache at home.

The schools do not provide any remedy and keep on sending adverse entries to the parents in student diary. Parents are asked to give extra time or provide coaching to these children and parents despite their sincere arrangement of private tutors fail to get any satisfactory result in the school examinations. The story thus continues for several years and the children remain more or less same with a load of low self esteem, sense of self pity and feeling of frustration and become indifferent to the expectations of teachers and parents.

According to study carried out by Indian Council of Medical Research and the report documented in Mental Health Research in India (1982-2002) throw light on the following facts:

  1. 11.6 of school going children from 4-12 years have some psychic disorders.
  2. 15.2 children have learning disorders.
  3. 13% adolescents have conduct disorders.
  4. 61.70% parents have no awareness about children’s psychic disorders.
  5. 95% of schools have no qualified counselors.

The vast population of children having learning, conduct and psychic disorders require for new strategies to provide remedy for their potential, skills and efficiency.

Objectives of the School:

  1. To provide an alternative system of schooling which can address the problems of non performers purely on psychological ground.
  2. To provide solutions within the framework of schooling to enable them to excel in scholastic and co scholastic fields.
  3. To provide healthy environment which is ideal for the all round development of their personality.

Modus Operandi:

The entire project is three dimensional. On one side is the school and its non performing students. On the second side are the parents of the non performing students. On the third side is the IHF wellness Orbitarium, The special education provider for the students.

A school has to admit students who are non performers and to connect us with the parents. The parents have to pay to the school their usual fees. The parents have to pay a separate coaching fee to IHF, an amount which they spend on private tutors.

Arrangement of teaching will be done by IHF in separate class rooms provided by the school concerned. Special trained teachers will be appointed who will impart education to non performers [Slow learners, dyslexic and ADHD children and children with conduct disorders].

Curriculum Design and Instructional Strategy:

IHF has designed a curriculum in a manner which is matching to the standard of the student studying in school but having selected concepts subject wise for keeping some parity for coverage of syllabus standard wise.

The instructional strategy is child friendly, based on micro- teaching and activity oriented that strengthens concepts and the fundamentals of a subject which is not even done in a normal school teaching learning process.

The entire teaching learning process promotes self learning and creates interests in the students to do better consistently. The efforts put in by the student are recognized and appreciated at every step. Continued motivation, psychological counseling, individual monitoring and skill based evaluation are the key features of IHF Orbitarium School of Performance.

The Person / Society/ Institution interested to start the project in their respective city or town may contact us through email or send us enquiry form. For contact