IHF Wellness Energy Products


Energy Crystal Pendants

To be worn in neck either in gold /silver chain or cotton thread for health, wealth, prosperity, power & success. Pendants are embedded with powerful ancient symbols.

Energy Desktop Frames

The powerful symbol radiates positive powerful vibrations. Each symbol has its own significance and helps to improve integrity & family relationship, peace and joy. These are to be kept in office or home on a table or in a show case but not under any cover.

Energy Wrist Watch

The watch is embedded with powerful energy symbol which radiates such vibrations that protect the person who wears them and the person develops friendship with other.

Energy Necklace

The stone necklace has a very peculiar symbol engraved on its pendant which brings bliss and fertility to the person who wears.

Energy Silver Earrings

The earring has a powerful symbol which radiates such powerful vibrations that attract success, joy and wealth.

Energy Copper Bracelets

The bracelets have energy symbol that protects the person and helps him/her in getting rid of the problems.

Note - All products have been scanned by Aura Reader and their energy level has been tested and verified by Radionics.